• Rachel Hartley

Positive Outlook for 2021

Take a deep breath in. And let it out. 2020 was rough for everyone, but especially for university students. In the 2020 spring semester, most students couldn’t come back to campus after spring break, causing panic for not only those students but also professors and campus administrators. In a matter of weeks, in-person classroom dialogue transitioned to online discussion boards. Zoom became the norm and pets became regular class participants.

Fast forward to Spring 2021 and we’re still online and remote. University staff and advisors have adapted, meeting their students where they’re at - whether that’s in their apartment across town or in their home country. Universities have also ramped up safety procedures and quarantine measures to keep students safe. But what’s Fall 2021 and beyond going to look like?

Progress all around.

Here at Agave Education, we’re optimistic that students can look forward to a true U.S. university experience very soon. With vaccines rolling out quickly, hopefully leading to 95%+ effectiveness, university campuses will resume on-campus housing, in-person classes, and social distancing will be a thing of the past.

However, we expect to see more flexible, hybrid education models. Some universities are planning to offer a variety of classroom experiences to meet your comfort level and learning preferences. For example, you’ll be able to attend class in-person, watch the lecture live online (usually called synchronous learning), or engage at a later time when it better fits your schedule. This may not be the case for all universities, but many are already offering this model.

As an international student, what does that mean for you?

For one, it will allow you to engage in-person during class but also watch the lecture online later. For English language learners, this is a huge benefit! It will also allow for better, more engaging discussion in class that dives even deeper online.

Another perk of 2021 is that we are seeing a more globally focused U.S. government. Consulates are ramping up as you read this, preparing to help international students like you obtain your visa to study in the United States. Higher education as a whole will be emphasized in the new administration. For more insights on the positive outlook for 2021, check out this article by U.S. News Global Education.

Agave Education advisors already conduct virtual advising, so we’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your U.S. degree, no matter what your priorities are. Let’s connect!

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